WULFUL Stand Collar Faux Leather Jacket 

The WULFUL Men’s Stand Collar Leather Jacket does not feature real leather, but it’s a stylish addition to your wardrobe that provides excellent value for the price. This jacket comes in four different colors and two different designs so you can select the version that best suits your style.

This fully lined jacket features PU leather, which won’t last as long as a traditional leather jacket but is available for a fraction of the price. This faux leather jacket has a polyester fabric lining, which is light, durable, and soft.

Unlike many jackets similar to this one, the WULFUL comes in colors such as black, brown, coffee, and red. One of the styles features similar embossed leather to other moto-inspired leather jackets, and the overall slim-fitting design is lightweight.

This jacket is intended for casual wear and is not meant to be a protective motorcycle jacket or provide any body armor. It may offer a slight amount of warmth in moderately chilly temperatures but won’t keep you warm when it’s cold out or protect you in a motorcycle accident at anything but low speed.

Here are some relevant specifications and special features of the WULFUL Stand Collar Leather Jacket:

  • Zippered cuffs and front pockets
  • Slim fitting style with a fitted bodice
  • Fully lined collar
  • One internal pocket
  • Quilted shoulder for a better fit
  • Detail stitching around the collar, cuffs, waist, and shoulders

What We Like

We like how lightweight this jacket is and how soft the lining is against the skin. For faux leather outwear, it’s extremely light, making it a great replacement for a leather motorcycle jacket, especially if style is your first concern. The slim fit makes this jacket fit snugly in a comfortable way, and the quilted shoulders allow for freedom of movement that wouldn’t be possible with thicker material.

This jacket has two spacious hand-warmer pockets and a chest pocket that are all secured with zippers. The internal pocket at the chest features a PU leather edge for durability, and the collar lining is a soft ribbed fabric.

The WULFUL Men’s Stand Collar Leather Jacket comes in four different colors, which makes it easy to match to your preferences, and the style is appropriate for wearing to work as well as a party or other function.

The stitching details on this jacket give it a more sophisticated appearance while also adding durability and a more customized fit. You’ll find this stitching on crucial areas such as the collar, cuffs, and around the torso, which also serves to reduce excess fabric around the waist.

The WULFUL Stand Collar Leather Jacket was named one of our best motorcycle jackets.

What We Wish Was Different

It would be ideal if this jacket were made from real leather as PU leather won’t last nearly as long and will begin to crack in high wear situations. We’d also like to see higher quality zippers through the whole design, and a different lining at the collar that is easier to keep clean.

The polyester lining in this jacket works well enough for this price, but it won’t breathe as well as cotton or other materials. The slim fit is also not going to work for everyone, and it would be helpful if the size chart included measurements for the waist or hip so a better fit could be determined.

What Other Customers Say

As expected, some issues include getting a good fit with this jacket, and many customers have mentioned that the sleeves are too long or too short, depending on the size. The PU leather also doesn’t resemble real leather when you look closely and may begin to crack in areas like the elbow with extended wear.

Customers do like that the price of this jacket is significantly less than a real leather jacket in a similar style and that they can afford to purchase multiple colors and designs with a modest budget.

The slim fit is another attractive characteristic of this product, and many have noted that the zippers are satisfactory. One noted drawback was that this jacket doesn’t breathe very well, so it’s not suitable for wearing in temperatures that are a bit warm – though this can be great as a motorcycle jacket for cool climates as it’s fairly windproof. (Though, again, be aware of the lack of armor/protection.)

Wrapping Up

This WULFUL Men’s jacket features PU leather, which does not perform the same as traditional leather but is widely available at a much lower price. This jacket comes in different colors that are not typically available in authentic leather jackets, and this jacket offers a lot of value.

A full lining helps to make this jacket feel soft against the skin, and the vintage stand collar lining features a ribbed cloth for added comfort. The slim-fitting design makes this jacket look sophisticated enough to wear to more refined events but can also be suitable for casual dress situations.

The sizing chart could be more detailed, but thanks to the slim-fitting design, you’ll want to plan on trying on a size or two until you find the best possible fit. This jacket would be an excellent addition to your fall or spring wardrobe but won’t keep you warm in colder temperatures.