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  • PPE Safety Kit Includes:
  • (1) Hard Hat
  • (1) Safety Vest
  • (1) Set of Fueling/Chaining Gloves
  • (1) Safety Glasses

Stay safe on the road with the RoadGear PPE Safety Kit. This comprehensive kit includes everything you need to protect yourself, whether securing cargo with straps and chains, working with tarps, or operating around heavy machinery. With RoadGear, we've got you covered.


Introducing the RoadGear PPE Safety Kit – your ultimate partner for safety on the job. Whether you're a truck driver, construction worker, or simply need to handle heavy-duty tasks, this kit has you covered. It features high-performance gloves, a bright reflective vest, sturdy safety glasses, and a handy first aid kit, ensuring you're well-equipped for any challenge. With the RoadGear PPE Safety Kit, you can confidently tackle your work knowing that your safety is our priority. Protect yourself with RoadGear, wherever the road takes you.

Built to Last

Engineered with premium materials for maximum durability, the RoadGear PPE Safety Kit is your reliable partner for any tough job. Trust in RoadGear for long-lasting protection.

Ultimate Safety

Ensure maximum protection with the RoadGear PPE Safety Kit. Designed for comprehensive safety, it provides unmatched security in any demanding environment. Trust RoadGear for the ultimate peace of mind.

All-Weather Reliability

Stay protected in any condition with the RoadGear PPE Safety Kit. Built to perform in all weather, it ensures your safety no matter the environment. Trust RoadGear for reliable protection, rain or shine.

Trusted by Professionals

Rely on the RoadGear PPE Safety Kit, the choice of industry experts. Designed for demanding jobs, it delivers the trusted protection professionals count on. Trust RoadGear for your safety needs.