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Grade 70 Clevis Grab Hooks with Pins

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Style: 3/8"
  • Material: Forged Alloy Steel
  • Hook-Grade: G70
  • Color: Gold Chromate
  • Finish: Zinc Plated
  • Working Load Limit: 2,860 lbs To 11,300 Lbs.

Introducing the G70 Grab Hook by RoadGear, the ultimate solution for securing heavy loads with confidence and ease. Crafted with precision from high-grade materials, this grab hook offers unparalleled strength and durability for all your hauling needs. Designed to securely latch onto G70 chain, it provides a reliable connection point for your cargo, ensuring peace of mind during transport. Whether you're towing equipment, machinery, or vehicles, RoadGear's G70 Grab Hook delivers the performance and reliability you need to get the job done safely and efficiently. Trust RoadGear for premium quality and unmatched performance in every haul.

Product Description


  • Replacement for 5/16" Chains
  • Material: Forged Alloy Steel
  • Hook Grade: G70
  • Consists of Hook and Pin.
  • Working Load Limit: 4,700 Lbs
  • Breaking Strength: 18,800 lbs


  • Clevis Grab Hooks with Pins.
  • Replacement Set for 3/8" Chains
  • Forged Alloy Steel G70
  • Each set consists of Hook, Pins and Lock.
  • Breaking Strength: 26,400 lbs
  • Working Load Limit:6600 Lbs

Why you should choose us:

Choosing RoadGear for your hauling needs means selecting reliability, durability, and peace of mind. Our G70 Grab Hooks are meticulously crafted with precision engineering and premium materials to ensure unparalleled strength and resilience. With RoadGear, you can trust that each hook is designed to withstand heavy loads and tough conditions, providing a secure connection point for your cargo every time. What sets us apart is not just our superior craftsmanship, but also our commitment to customer satisfaction. We prioritize safety and efficiency, offering hooks that deliver optimal performance and reliability on every haul. Choose RoadGear for trusted quality and assurance in your towing endeavors.

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