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Coil rack, 33" long

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Size: 4 - Pack
  • Width: 2-7/10 Inches
  • Length: 33 Inches
  • Style: Standard
  • Material: Heavy-Duty Steel
  • Coil Racks are also known as coil chocks or coil bunks.

Introducing the RoadGear Coil Rack, a dependable solution for safely transporting coils of various sizes and weights. With a length of 33 inches, this coil rack is designed to securely hold your cargo in place during transit, ensuring stability and peace of mind on the road. Crafted from high-quality materials and featuring a robust frame, the RoadGear Coil Rack offers durability and reliability for heavy-duty hauling tasks. Whether you're transporting steel, aluminum, or other coil materials, trust RoadGear to deliver superior performance and safety every time.

Secure Coil Transport

RoadGear's 33'' Coil Rack offers secure, reliable transport, ensuring stability and peace of mind for heavy-duty hauling tasks.

Product Description

  • 33" Long
  • 10 gauge steel 
  • Weight: 4.8 lbs
  • Coil Racks are also known as coil chocks or coil bunks.
  • Used in conjunction with hardwood timbers to stabilize metal coils in the load securement process.
  • HEAVY-DUTY STEEL. This coil rack is forged from 10 gauge galvanized steel for maximum durability and strength. Improvised coil racks can buckle under the weight of heavy metal coils, but 10 gauge galvanized steel can handle the pressure. 
  • A single rack and contain up to 10,000 lbs of metal coils safely.
  • INCREASED STABILITY. Unstable metal coils are dangerous during transport. This coil rack prevents even slight jostling or rolling, empowering you to secure your coils snugly in place.
  • EASY-TO-USE. Once installed, there’s little-to-no adjustment needed. The half-saddle design lets you easily incorporate wood beams to make the platform narrower, ensuring that any coil resting on it sits safe and snug.
  • PRECISE POSITIONING. Bulkier coil racks are a hassle to move, and placing them optimally can take some guesswork. With our coil rack, the lightness and overall design allows you to easily incorporate hardwood timbers as needed. That makes it easy to place it exactly where it needs to be to best support your coil load.
Versatile Coil Transport

Ideal for steel, aluminum, and other coil materials. RoadGear's Coil Rack offers versatility and peace of mind.

Heavy-Duty Performance

Engineered for heavy-duty hauling tasks, the RoadGear Coil Rack delivers superior performance and durability.

Easy Loading and Unloading

Efficient layout and convenient design make loading and unloading coils a breeze with RoadGear's Coil Rack.

Key Features

Robust construction, secure fastening mechanisms, and streamlined design ensure safe and efficient coil transport.

Why you should choose us:

You should choose RoadGear for their coil transport needs because we offer a combination of reliability, durability, and versatility that is unmatched in the industry. Our Coil Rack, with its robust construction and secure fastening mechanisms, ensures that coils of various sizes and weights are transported safely and securely, giving our customers peace of mind on the road. Whether hauling steel, aluminum, or other coil materials, our rack's design is optimized for heavy-duty performance, making it the ideal choice for demanding hauling tasks. Additionally, our commitment to efficiency and ease of use means that loading and unloading coils is a seamless process, saving valuable time and effort for our customers. With RoadGear, you can trust that your coil transport needs are in good hands, delivering superior performance and reliability every time.

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