Milwaukee Leather Men’s Police Style Jacket Review

The Milwaukee Leather Men’s Classic Side Lace Police style motorcycle jacket features high-quality materials and a series of robust zippers for secure storage and wear. This type of jacket has classic styling and a belted waist that makes it easy to fit different body shapes without sacrificing the classic biker look.

The Police style motorcycle jacket features two zippered pockets on the front that are ideal for storing objects. The jacket also features an internal pocket with a snap closure that is good for storing wallets, cell phones, and other items you want to keep extra secure.

There is also another pocket across the chest and a lower pocket with a snap closure. For the best possible fit, you can adjust the lacing on the side of this jacket and the half belt, which keeps the jacket in place as you move around and ride.

Another decorative feature of this jacket that adds to its visual appeal is the flaps across each shoulder, and the classic pointy collar complete with snaps at each point. The fitted sleeves feature zippers at the cuffs for enhanced comfort, and there is a removable thermal liner inside the entire jacket for added warmth.

Here are some important specifications and special features of the Milwaukee Leather Men’s Classic Side Lace Police style motorcycle jacket:

  • Side lacing on both sides for an adjustable fit
  • Two lower zippered pockets
  • One internal pocket with a snap closure
  • One external pocket with a flap and snap closure
  • Half belt with several grommet holes
  • Zip-out thermal liner
  • Zippers at each cuff
  • Premium cowhide measuring 1.2-1.3mm in thickness

What We Like

This leather jacket by Milwaukee features a retro design that a lot of rider’s love. That very same design offers up a lot of useful features that offer comfort and make this jacket a good value. The leather used to make this jacket has a delicate pebble texture that is soft and each zipper and seam features a high level of detail.

The zippers on this jacket are robust, durable, and shiny, which adds to the high-quality look overall. The company seems to have also considered smaller details like the amount of fabric around the pocket openings to avoid common pitfalls with other jackets like bulky material.

The zip-out liner in this jacket is another bonus that creates additional versatility while adding a tiny amount of weight. To get out the lining, you can easily unzip it in seconds, and the delicate zipper isn’t uncomfortable when you are wearing the jacket despite the fitted design.

There is also an internal pocket large enough to hold your phone and has a snap closure. This snap closure is easily opened with one hand so you can get to the contents when riding. The side lacing and half belt are also useful for getting a close fit with this jacket.

These two key design elements allow you to customize the fit of the jacket to different body types and better protect your torso.

The Milwaukee Leather Men’s Police Style Jacket was picked as one of our top motorcycle jackets!

What We Wish Was Different

Some of the stitching on this jacket didn’t hold up over time on high wear areas like the cuffs and elbows. The jacket comes with a two-year warranty which also doesn’t seem long enough, and the warranty doesn’t cover leather tears.

The thickness of the leather used is another interesting component of this jacket. When comparing this jacket to other leather jackets available, the leather is quite thin in comparison. The material used around the pocket openings is also suspiciously lightweight and doesn’t seem like it will hold up as long as other parts of the jacket.

Some of the metal bits, aside from the zipper, could also be more rust-resistant or even rustproof. These jackets spend time outside, and that means they are in the elements quite often, so they’d benefit from grommets, snaps, and buckles that are more corrosion resistant.

What Other Customers Say

Customers have noted that this jacket is thinner than some of the others they’ve worn, but overall, users love the fit and the design. It may not hold up to frequent riding in the elements, but for weekends and occasional rides, it does just fine for most buyers.

Some riders have confirmed that the leather on this jacket is sturdy enough to protect you in an accident, and the leather holds up remarkably well with minimal damage in most cases.

Wrapping Up

The Milwaukee Leather Men’s Classic Side Lace Police style motorcycle jacket for men is an excellent choice at this price point. The company has created a highly detailed design with plenty of storage and practical mechanisms for creating a custom fit.

The retro design works well for all body types, and the zip-out liner is an impressive feature that can keep you from sweating excessively at different temperatures. The quality of the materials used is also remarkable, and the zippers are durable and shiny for a clean look.