HWK Women’s Waterproof Motorcycle Jacket Review

The HWK Women’s Waterproof Motorcycle Jacket comes in two colors, including black and pink and black and white. The fitted design features robust polyester fabric that is windproof and abrasion-resistant.

The collar, arms, and waist all have adjustment points so you can get the most secure fit regardless of your body shape. The polyester fabric is also highly flexible and durable but also breathes, so you won’t overheat when it’s warm outside.

This jacket also comes with a removable lining that can add a layer of warmth in cold temperatures, and the inside of the jacket has a Reissa liner for added breathability and water resistance.

Another nice feature of this jacket is that it’s made with a woman’s body shape in mind and isn’t a men’s jacket with modifications but a boxy fit. Bust measurements are a valuable component of the size chart for this type of item, and the adjustable points on this jacket make it well-fitting for all parts of a woman’s body.

Here are some important specifications and special features of the HWK Women’s Waterproof Motorcycle Jacket:

  • Removable armor plates at elbows, back, and shoulders
  • 600 Denier Cordura Shell that’s waterproof
  • Extended sizes with specific bust measurements
  • A Neoprene collar with Velcro closure
  • Two ventilated panels
  • Reflective logos and piping

What We Like

The HWK Women’s Waterproof Motorcycle Jacket has removable armor plates that zip into individual pouches on the jacket. This design keeps the armor exactly where you need it, and the adjustable body of the jacket allows you to cinch down different areas so the armor is snug against your skin.

The zipper along the bottom of this jacket is another great feature that allows you to connect your jacket to motorcycle pants for added protection of your torso. The Cordura fabric is very durable and layered over areas most prone to impact during an accident for protection without adding extra weight.

We also like the number of internal and external pockets that can hold different sized objects such as cell phones, wallets, and sunglasses. The cuffs are also adjustable using a Velcro strap, and there are two vents on either side of the jacket you can open for additional airflow as you ride.

The collar is another reinforced part of this jacket that performs its duties well and features a Neoprene lining. The Neoprene lining is soft against the skin but is also durable, stretchy, and won’t damage your skin in an accident.

The offered color options for this jacket is also a nice touch like the black and pink combo and the black and white option provides a choice besides pink. There is also a panel of fabric on each side of the bust that has an ornate design for a feminine touch, and reflective logos and piping match the contrasting color.

The HWK Women’s Waterproof Motorcycle Jacket was named one of our best motorcycle jackets.

What We Wish Was Different

Although the sizing chart offers a specified number of measurements, some buyers still found that the actual product did not always match the table. For some, the back of the jacket could not be cinched down to sufficiently cover the back of the torso, and the arms were too long and could not be adjusted.

It would also be nice to see different padding and armor added to this jacket as the current material is similar to firm foam instead of more rigid plastic. Some riders were unsure how much protection this firm foam would offer them in an accident, and a more rigid material could perform well without affecting the overall flexibility of the jacket itself.

What Other Customers Say

As with many motorcycle jackets, the primary customer complaint circles around the size chart and how the product fits in real life. Although the size chart is more detailed than other brands, the actual jackets don’t always match up.

Most buyers love the adjustability of this jacket and find that the HWK Women’s Waterproof Motorcycle Jacket is an excellent value for the money. This jacket is ideal for all seasons, and buyers find that the removable lining adds the versatility they need to use this item year-round.

Quality is another factor frequently mentioned by users, and customers feel that this jacket is of excellent quality for the price. Many buyers were also pleased about the larger sizes offered.

Wrapping Up

The HWK Women’s Waterproof Motorcycle Jacket is a high-quality option for women who are looking for a flexible and breathable motorcycle jacket but don’t want to pay a high price. This product provides a high level of value, and the materials to make a product that is comfortable and effective.

This jacket features several adjustable points in the design and removable padding so customers can alter this jacket for the best fit. The design is also created explicitly with the shape of a woman’s body in mind which makes for a well-fitting product and a flattering silhouette without sacrificing protection.