HWK Textile Motorcycle Men’s Jacket Review

The HWK Textile Motorcycle Jacket features modern materials suitable for all seasons and a very different look than your customary leather jacket. This jacket is also priced lower than some of the leather alternatives but features advanced materials that are rugged but comfortable to wear.

The HWK Textile Motorcycle Jacket has a mesh inner lining to help keep you fresh and features removable armor components. This jacket is breathable and light so you can wear it comfortably in hotter temperatures, and layer clothing under it when it’s cold outside.

This jacket comes in four colors, including all black, blue, grey, and red. There is also a wide range of sizes available that span from small to 5XL, which are based primarily on chest measurements.

The reflective logo is displayed on the front, back, and sides, and there is reflective piping on the jacket for added visibility. This motorcycle jacket also comes equipped with a thermal lining for colder temperatures and removable CE foam armor and back protection.

Here are some important specifications and special features of the HWK Textile Motorcycle Jacket:

  • Removable thermal lining
  • High-quality padding on front and back
  • Interior storage pockets
  • Exterior storage pockets with waterproof zippers
  • Reflective piping
  • Adjustments available at the arm, waist, and cuffs for a custom fit
  • Two ventilation panels
  • Neoprene lined collar with Velcro closure for comfort and protection

What We Like

The HWK Textile Motorcycle Jacket has a more modern look to it and doesn’t incorporate any leather into its design.  This motorcycle jacket is meant to be worn in all seasons and climates and comes with a handy removable liner for added warmth when it’s cold.

We especially like the air vents built into this jacket, and the extra padding found in the front and back. There is also a fair bit of armor at the elbows, shoulders, and back that is hard and made to take a considerable impact without shattering.

The inside of this jacket also has considerable storage, so you don’t need to carry a bag for your essential everyday items. There are pockets on this product that can accommodate a phone, sunglasses, your wallet, and other similar sized items.

High-quality zippers and the ability to cinch down this jacket for a custom fit are other things that make this jacket superb. There are buckles located at the arm and adjustments can also be made at the waist and cuffs. Around the bodice of this jacket is a zipper so you can connect it to riding pants and trousers for added protection.

The HWK Textile Motorcycle Jacket was named one of our best motorcycle jackets.

What We Wish Was Different

It’s nice that this jacket has two built-in vents, but they don’t seem to let in nearly enough fresh air because they don’t go through the lining. The material used for this motorcycle jacket is also not very breathable, and it could be more waterproof as well. In higher moisture environments, it doesn’t keep the water out for more than a short ride.

The manufacturer also advises not to wash this jacket, which isn’t practical if you’re a frequent rider. Even if you don’t sweat, you’ll want a way to remove bugs and road debris at some point. The dark color of the material also shows dust and debris sooner than other colors.

The sizing is another area that could use some improvement, and a more comprehensive sizing chart would be appreciated. This jacket should be well fitted, and there are buckles and snaps to help with that, but getting a close-fitting size is essential to this jacket being comfortable.

What Other Customers Say

Most buyers agree that this jacket is excellent quality for the price, and the removable lining is very appreciated. There is some variation on which size a buyer should order since some customers advise sizing up, but the overall fit of the jacket is well designed.

Customers aren’t a fan of the ventilation that isn’t a vent into the jacket, and some question whether the fabric is suitable for riding higher-powered sportbikes. Many customers recommend this jacket for riding scooters and other lesser-powered motorbikes.

Wrapping Up

The HWK Textile Motorcycle Jacket is an impressive looking jacket that has a fitted yet breathable design perfect for motorbike riders. You may not want this jacket as a long commute jacket, but it’s got plenty of padding and armor to keep you safe. The fabric and padding are also durable enough to protect you in an accident without destroying the jacket itself.

The removable lining adds versatility to this product and allows riders to stay warm in colder temperatures. The detachable lining is easy to extract so the jacket is more comfortable at warmer temperatures. A unique feature that we like is the zipper around the waist, which keeps your jacket connected to your pants to protect your torso.