Harley-Davidson Women’s Alameda Leather Biker Jacket Review

The Harley-Davidson Women’s Alameda Leather Biker Jacket is an official piece of Harley Davidson gear made from soft leather and a cotton lining. This jacket features the retro style typical of police jackets and has an off-center front zipper in addition to two zippered pockets.

This jacket features a type of cowhide leather that is thick and durable but made to distress over time in such a way that enhances the overall look. With time, this jacket will also get softer and become more form-fitted to your specific body shape, which makes it a comfortable choice.

The front zipper is a two-way zipper which is uncommon in motorcycle jackets of lesser quality. This design features two hand-warmer pockets and an interior pocket, which is accessible with one hand.

There are no flashy Harley Davidson logos on this jacket, and the seams and accents are more discreet than other jackets available. This product comes with a five-year warranty and features authentic pocket hex rivets with the Harley Davidson brand.

Here are some important specifications and special features of the Harley-Davidson Women’s Alameda Leather Biker Jacket:

  • Comfort stretch design
  • Soft cotton lining
  • Two-way front zipper
  • Heavyweight cowhide leather
  • Collar with snap-down closure
  • Pre-curved sleeves for added comfort
  • Waist tabs with buckles on either side

What We Like

The Harley-Davidson Women’s Alameda Leather Biker Jacket is an excellent example of a well-crafted leather jacket designed to fit well and mold to the shape of your body over time. The pre-curved sleeves allow you to be more comfortable in your jacket from the start, and the thick, high-quality cowhide is buttery soft.

This jacket will uniquely distress over time, which is a great process that will differ from one rider to another. The quality of this jacket significantly improves thanks to details like the comfort stretch sleeves and the action back that ensure you have the mobility you need for riding.

This jacket has the standard pockets that you expect, including two hand-warmer pockets and an internal pocket for items like your smartphone and wallet. The two-way zipper on the front allows you to ventilate your body as needed without unzipping your jacket entirely, and there are pockets at the elbows for body armor of your choice.

This jacket also looks beautiful when worn due to the well-proportioned design specifically intended for the female body. This jacket isn’t boxy or oversized in any one area but creates a snug fit that moves with you.

The Alameda Leather Biker Jacket was named one of our best motorcycle jackets.

What We Wish Was Different

The leather used for this jacket is thick, and that creates a wonderfully luxurious feel, but it also makes the jacket somewhat heavy. This jacket could also incorporate more pockets for adding body armor like there are at the elbows, and the buckle waist straps could be a little less bulky.

Those items aside, this is a well-made jacket that has eliminated other problems women typically face when trying to find a motorcycle jacket. Pre-curved sleeves and a fitted bodice remove unneeded material, and an adjustable waist helps this jacket sit snugly at the hip.

What Other Customers Say

Overall, customers love this jacket as its design is well-executed, and it has all of the features that a rider could want in your average motorcycle jacket. It doesn’t have so many features that the jacket is overly complicated, but it offers a level of comfort not often found in other products.

Customers are also a big fan of the stretchiness built into the shoulders of this jacket without adding extra bulk. The shoulder seams showcase a design that moves around with the body and features a two-part construction, so the sleeve rotates.

Customers wish that this design came in a broader range of colors as the level of comfort is hard to find in other jackets made of leather. The five-year warranty is also appreciated and the customer service at Harley Davidson is excellent nationwide.

Wrapping Up

The Harley-Davidson Women’s Alameda Leather Biker Jacket features high-quality cowhide that is both soft and durable so this jacket is highly comfortable to wear. The extra stretch in the shoulder area makes this jacket more natural to get on, more comfortable to wear, and helps to ensure an excellent fit.

The generous five-year warranty is another bonus that comes with this jacket, and you can expect it to last many years thanks to the high-quality materials and thoughtful design elements. There isn’t a thermal lining in this jacket, but it’s possible to add another layer for additional warmth, and the cotton lining helps to keep you fresh in hotter temperatures.

This jacket features a design that is well suited to a woman’s body, and it fits around curves instead of creating a boxy, ill-fitting silhouette. This fit looks pleasant to the eye, but more importantly, it provides protection and added safety when riding.