Harley-Davidson Men’s Temerity Slim Fit Leather Jacket Review

The Harley-Davidson Men’s Temerity Slim Fit Leather Jacket features a more discreet design with details on both shoulders and seaming on the arms. This jacket doesn’t have the same bold styling as a police-style jacket, but it does have the metal badge on the back associated with Harley Davidson.

This leather jacket is midweight, which is on the heavy side if you ride in primarily warm climates, but may not be substantial enough for some accidents at higher speeds. This jacket allows you to add your preferred combination of body armor at the shoulders, back, and elbows so you can decide on the material that works best for your needs.

The ability to add your preferred armor also helps to maintain the lower weight of this jacket. For storage, there are two zippered hand-warmer pockets and a chest pocket. On the inside of this jacket, there are additional pockets, one of which is at the chest and can comfortably hold objects such as your wallet, smartphone, or sunglasses for easy access.

Here are some relevant specifications and special features of the Harley-Davidson Temerity Slim Fit Jacket:

  • A slim-fitting design specifically for men
  • Midweight Buffalo Leather
  • Embossed leather accents on the shoulders
  • Vented and lined
  • Metal badge on the back
  • Hidden body armor pockets at the elbows, back, and shoulders

What We Like

If you’re looking for a leather jacket that is protective but more discreet than the typical retro police-style, this jacket is a worthy option with some added style elements. On the shoulders, you’ll find embossed leather and decorative seaming around these elements.

On the sleeves are more seams commonly seen on a leather jacket and more embossed leather at each of the cuffs. We like that this jacket has the Harley Davidson badge on the back, and the neck is lined with Nylon Polyurethane for comfort and to protect your neck in an accident.

This jacket has a slim fit, which doesn’t work for all body types, but the size chart offers measurements for the chest, sleeve length, and waist so you can find your best fit. Harley Davidson even provides instructions on how to best measure yourself so you can find the size most suited for your body.

The collar on this jacket is another unique point and its mandarin style, which means straight without any material to fold over. The front zipper is also a two-way zipper, and there are additional zippers at each cuff. This motorcycle jacket comes with the typical five-year warranty provided by Harley Davidson.

The Temerity Slim Fit was named one of our best motorcycle jackets

What We Wish Was Different

The Harley-Davidson Temerity Slim Fit Leather Jacket doesn’t have a few things found on other jackets. For one, it doesn’t have adjustable cuffs secured with buckles or Velcro. Instead, there are just zippers which serve perfectly well for ventilation but may not cinch down tightly enough to protect the wrist and arm.

This jacket is also slim-fitting, which means that it’s worn very close to the body and doesn’t have a lot of room for curves. This shape means that it may not fit well on everyone, and you’ll want to try it on to make sure it’s not too snug to be comfortable when riding.

The badge on the back is also another point where the discreet design becomes significantly less restrained, and while this large emblem may not bother some people, others may find it over the top.

What Other Customers Say

Customers love the slim fit of this jacket that has a modern and refined twist. While a traditional retro police jacket might be inappropriate to wear to work, this jacket is much more discreet yet doesn’t compromise on protection and comfort.

Users also really like that the body armor is removable as it allows them to wear this jacket while riding or just out of the house. The lined collar is another popular feature as it’s comfortable and able to withstand frequent wear.

The two-way zipper is another strong selling point with avid riders as it allows them to ventilate their bodies as needed when the built-in vents aren’t sufficient. Buyers also really like the weight of this jacket and how the design hugs their form.

Wrapping Up

The Harley-Davidson Men’s Temerity Slim Fit Leather Jacket is a more discreet but still very well-designed jacket that features important ventilation, durable midweight leather, and discreetly embossed styling to create a more sophisticated look.

This jacket is perfect for wearing while riding and can also double as a layer for when you adventure outside the house. The comfortable lined collar, zipper cuffs, and pockets make this motorcycle jacket a practical choice even when you aren’t out riding, and customers love the moto-inspired look.

The slim fit of this jacket isn’t for everyone, but it’s a more modern and refined style for those who want something different than the typical retro police-style leather jacket.