Borleni Motorcycle Jacket

The Borleni Motorcycle Jacket jacket comes in black, purple, and red and features a more modern style with technical fabrics and removable armor. This jacket is ideal for all climates, and the manufacturer offers its services in helping each customer select the perfect size.

This motorcycle jacket features embroidery on the front displaying the brand logo and the word “Racing.” The removable liner adds a level of warmth when in colder temperatures, and there are several different adjustment points in the design so you can get the perfect fit regardless of your body shape.

This jacket also has a mesh lining to help keep you fresh when in warmer temperatures, and the high-quality polyester fabric on the exterior is both abrasion resistant and windproof. Each of the removable pads slips into a studded pouch that is highly durable and further secured with straps and robust stitching.

The pads feature EVA plastic, which is slightly flexible and easy to clean. When not contained in the jacket, you can wash the EVA pads and this jacket without having to worry about it becoming misshapen.

Here are some important specifications and special features of the Borleni motorcycle jacket:

  • A removable cotton liner
  • 600 Denier polyester shell
  • Removable padding protecting the back, elbows, chest, and shoulders
  • Polyester mesh lining
  • Adjustable cuffs secured with Velcro
  • Two adjustment points on each arm

What We Like

The Borleni motorcycle jacket is a great all-season option if you need a high-quality motorcycle jacket with excellent value for the price. Not only does the manufacturer offer their services to help you select the perfect size, but their size chart relies on more than just your chest measurement, so you’re more likely to get an ideal fit.

This biker jacket also has a number of points that you can adjust so that the cloth lays snugly against your skin. These adjustment points help the jacket to fit well and hold the EVA protective pads against your skin, so they are most effective during an accident.

The shell is also a high quality 600 Denier polyester that is windproof and abrasion-resistant. Another bonus is how this jacket is adjusted using a series of snaps that connect to nylon straps with buckles. Each strap can be independently adjusted and then snapped into place, so getting this motorbike jacket on and off is a quick process.

The Borleni motorcycle jacket was named one of our top picks for the best motorcycle jackets!

What We Wish Was Different

While it’s nice that each protective pad zips into a pouch, all of these extra zippers do add some weight. The zippers on this jacket are all high quality, and the spacious pockets are nice, but they added layers of fabric that might make this jacket feel bulky for some riders.

The shell has excellent abrasion resistance, but it lacks any ventilation that would help keep it breathable and let you stay cool on hot days. If you combine this lack of ventilation with the added layers of fabric and weight, you may find yourself overheating before it even gets that warm outside.

It would also be nice if this jacket had a way to connect to some motorcycle pants to increase the level of protection around the torso area. The padding used could also be more rigid and absorb a more significant amount of impact if it featured a different type of material.

What Other Customers Say

Customers say that this jacket is an excellent value for the money, and several individuals have put it to the test in real-life accidents. The jacket has performed excellently so far in a variety of different situations and riders appreciate the flexibility when wearing this piece of protective gear.

Some buyers were displeased that the zipper pull on the front of the jacket was on the opposite side, and others thought the padding used was too flimsy. The padding is indeed a bit on the soft side, and the greatest disappointment for most riders was that this jacket only has two pockets and no zipper at the waist.

Wrapping Up

The Borleni motorcycle jacket features a modern style and high-quality polyester fabric that is both windproof and abrasion-resistant. While this jacket isn’t waterproof, it does have a removable lining for added warmth and a mesh lining we like that adds ventilation.

The padding on this jacket is easy to remove, which makes this item easy to clean and comfortable to wear in a variety of conditions without concern. Road dust and debris can be dusted off with your hand to some extent and this all-season jacket is comfortable in a range of temperatures.

Finding the right size is also easy with the detailed size chart and assistance from the seller, but it’s a good idea to read the reviews on sizing from other buyers before you decide.