Reviews of the best gear for hitting the road.

Best Motorcycle Helmets

There are laws that require you to wear a helmet while riding in 19 different states. Some states have laws that only apply to riders under the age of 17.

Regardless of whether your state requires you to wear a helmet, it’s still a must-have item to stay safe on a motorcycle. The right helmet can save your life in a crash, and you will that new materials and designs result in comfortable and lightweight helmets.

Our Recommendations

It’s essential to find out more about different motorcycle helmets so you can make an informed decision. Here is what you need to know about the helmets we recommend.

Best Half Helmet:
ILM Half Motorcycle Helmet with Sunshield

We like this half-helmet because of its classic design. It’s a DOT-approved product, and the visor is a noteworthy addition to the helmet since it protects you from glare and improves visibility when the sun is low. It can also keep some debris out of your eyes.

The chin strap features a quick-release buckle. We like the ear loops since they allow for a snug and comfortable fit and prevent chafing. The large straps make the helmet more stable and improve comfort.

It’s a lightweight helmet that weighs a little over two pounds. There is plenty of padding on the inside to absorb shocks and deliver a comfortable fit. You can choose between a matte or glossy option for the finish.


  • Lightweight feel
  • Padding
  • Large chin straps
  • Built-in visor


  • Only one color available
Best Half Helmet
ILM Half Motorcycle Helmet with Sunshield

ILM half face helmet is built with quality ABS shell and high density EPS foam, it is tested and meets the requirements of DOT safety standards.

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01/19/2022 08:51 am GMT

Most Affordable Half Helmet:
AHR Motorcycle Half Face Helmet

If you’re shopping on a budget, this half-face helmet is an excellent option that will keep you safe on the road. We like this helmed because of the comfortable padded straps that improve comfort.

You will find a soft mesh lining on the inside that makes the helmet breathable. There is a small visor that covers your eyes.

The helmet uses plenty of padding to absorb shocks and deliver a comfortable fit. It uses a D-ring and chin strap for stability.

There is an exterior ABS shell that feels sturdy and rigid, and a buffer layer to absorb shocks. Overall, we think this helmet is one of the best budget-friendly options since it’s comfortable and meets the DOT safety standards.


  • Budget-friendly option
  • ABS shell
  • Large padded straps
  • Mesh lining


  • Runs small - buy a size or two over what you normally wear
Most Affordable Half Helmet
AHR Run-C Motorcycle Half Helmet

Retro German style half face motorcycle helmet, with an upgraded ABS shell and EPS liner.

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01/19/2022 07:46 am GMT

Best Full-Face Helmet:
Bell Qualifier Full-Face Helmet

This full-face helmet delivers a lightweight and comfortable fit besides meeting the DOT safety standards. It delivers optimal protection with its ABS composite shell and three layers that absorb shocks.

The face shield has a quick-release feature so you can remove it and replace it. There is an anti-bacterial liner that keeps the inside of the helmet clean.

We like the face shield because there is a special coating on it that prevents fogging and improves visibility. The manufacturer also offers an excellent selection of colors so you can choose a helmet that matches your bike.


  • Color selection
  • Three layers of protection
  • Anti-bacterial liner
  • Anti-fogging coating


  • Other helmets have more padding
Best Full-Face Helmet
Bell Qualifier Helmet

Packed with features gleaned directly from our flagship Star line, the Qualifier delivers exceptional performance at incredible value.

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01/19/2022 09:45 am GMT

Most Affordable Full Helmet:
ILM Full Face Helmet

This full-helmet will protect your face and jaw. It’s an ideal option for cold weather, and it’s a quality product for the price.

We like the stylish design and aerodynamic shape of the helmet. That feature can reduce drag from wind.

The helmet comes with two face shields. You can install the transparent or tinted face shield depending on your preference. There is also a removable scarf that will keep cold air out of your clothes.

The ABS shell creates a sturdy exterior that will protect you in case of a crash. There is an inner lining that feels warm and comfortable. You have the possibility of removing that inner lining to improve the fit of the helmet.

There are a convenient strap and clasp that secure the helmet. Overall, this motorcycle helmet is an excellent choice if you want a DOT-certified helmet at an affordable price.


  • Full-face helmet at an affordable price
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Comes with two shields
  • Removable scarf


  • Other helmets are lighter
Most Affordable Full Helmet
ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

A full-face model that's affordable and designed with great ventilation in mind.

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01/19/2022 08:45 am GMT

Best Modular Helmet:
1Storm Modular Full Face Helmet

This modular helmet is a versatile option. It’s padded to deliver a comfortable experience and meets the DOT safety standards.

It uses a sturdy thermoplastic shell to absorb shocks and provide a snug fit. There is a UV-protection coating on the helmet that makes it more durable.

The flip-up design gives you the possibility to open the face shield with a convenient switch. You can open or close the helmet without stopping if you decide you want more protection or airflow.

There is a visor built-into the helmet, so you always have some kind of protection over your eyes, even when you flip the helmet up. The inner visor has a smoked coating while the face shield uses a clear material.

We like the color options since there are some original colors and patterns, and the aerodynamic design of the helmet will reduce wind drag when you close the face shield.

The helmet also features top, front, and back vents. You can adjust the vents depending on how much airflow you want. The vents make the helmet more versatile and suitable for different climates.


  • Modular design
  • Aerodynamic shape
  • Built-in visor
  • Air vents


  • Helmet feels bulky once you open the face shield
Best Modular Helmet
1Storm Modular Full Face Helmet

A great modular helmet that comes in a ton of color options.

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01/19/2022 08:59 am GMT

Best Bluetooth Helmet:
ILM Bluetooth Helmet

You can stay connected on the road thanks to this modern Bluetooth helmet. The helmet features a convenient flip-up design that allows you to open the face shield if you want more visibility or breathability.

The helmet uses a built-in lithium battery to power an MP3 intercom. The helmet delivers quality audio thanks to the noise and echo cancellation features of the intercom.

You can connect the helmet to your phone via the Bluetooth 3.0 connection, or pair it with a second similar helmet to stay in touch with another rider within 1,000 feet.

We like this Bluetooth helmet because of convenient control. You can answer or reject calls, play music, and access other features with the touch controls. You can also use the MP3 intercom to access GPS navigation via audio.

The helmet meets the DOT safety standards and delivers a comfortable fit. There is a sturdy outer shell with vents, and a shield designed to reduce glare.


  • Bluetooth connection
  • Answer calls or listen to music
  • Flip-up design
  • Sturdy outer shell


  • Bluetooth feature might distract you when you ride
Best Bluetooth Helmet
ILM Bluetooth Modular Helmet

One touch control for calling, answering, or rejecting incoming calls with up to 8 hours of talk time.

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01/19/2022 08:54 am GMT

Best Women’s Helmet:
Daytona Helmets

We like this half-helmet because of its stylish glossy finish and gorgeous floral print. The style stands out from what other manufacturers offer.

It’s a half-helmet with a sturdy outer shell. The chin strap uses ear loops to deliver a comfortable fit and maintain the helmet in place.

There is plenty of padding inside the helmet. The padding keeps the helmet in place and contributes to absorbing shocks.

We recommend this helmet for women because there is an excellent selection of small sizes.


  • Original design
  • Plenty of padding
  • Ear loops
  • Excellent selection of small sizes


  •  Lack of visor
Best Women's Helmet
Daytona Helmets Half Helmet

A great combination of comfort and design in this quality half helmet.

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01/19/2022 12:02 am GMT


Here are the seven best motorcycle helmets we recommend:

Our Findings

We selected quality helmets that will protect you in case of a crash or impact. All the products we selected are DOT-approved. A DOT certification means that the helmet meets the safety standards of the US Department of Transportation and satisfies legal requirements if you live in a state with a helmet law.

Our selection of the best motorcycle helmets includes full-face and open-face designs. We recommend a full-face helmet for additional protection and keeping debris out of your face, but a half-helmet is a better option for hot weather since it allows for more airflow. It also improves visibility and feels lighter.

Top Factors We Considered

How did we select products for our list of the best motorcycle helmets? Here are the things that matter when choosing a motorcycle helmet.

DOT Safety Standards

Helmets have to meet legal requirements set by the US Department of Transportation. We recommend that you invest in a helmet that meets these safety standards even if you live in a state where you aren’t legally required to wear a helmet.

Helmets have to use a lightweight design, a reliable chin strap, and an inner lining that absorbs shocks in order to meet these safety standards. There can’t be any elements that protrude from the helmet.

It’s easy to recognize a helmet that is DOT-compliant since you will find a sticker on the back of the product.

Comfortable Fit

You need a helmet that fits properly. A helmet that is too large for your head could come loose in a crash, or impede your visibility. A helmet that is too small won’t feel comfortable and might not cover areas that need to be protected.

Check the size chart of the manufacturer before choosing a helmet. Most products come in different sizes. Look for interior padding and cushioning to make sure your new helmet will provide a comfortable fit.

Rigid Shell

Find out about the materials and construction of the shell of the helmet. Many manufacturers use ABS since it’s a lightweight material that can absorb shocks.

Think about getting a helmet that uses different layers to absorb shocks. This construction will reduce the severity of an impact.

If you are shopping for a modular helmet, make sure the shell forms a solid piece that protects your face and jaw once you close it.

Chin Strap

A padded chin strap can make a helmet feel more comfortable during long rides. Look for adjustable buckles and similar features so you can get a snug fit.

Your helmet should be easy to remove, thanks to a quick-release feature. We also recommend straps with ear loops to prevent chafing.

A quality helmet is a must-have item for riding a motorcycle. You can’t go wrong with the seven helmets we recommend, but don’t hesitate to look for other products that meet the DOT safety standards.

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