Reviews of the best gear for hitting the road.

Best Motorcycle Glasses

When you are out for a ride, you don’t want the wind or other road debris to get in your eyes. Choosing the best motorcycle glasses for your driving conditions, therefore, is essential.

Our Top Recommendations

Below, we’ve compiled a list of the best motorcycle glasses classified by type for your convenience.

In this next section, we will be going into more detail about all of our top picks, along with what we liked, didn’t like, and links to where you can pick up a pair for yourself.

Most Affordable: Surpassme Set of 3 Moto Sunglasses

This set of Surpassme motorcycle glasses comes with one pair of clear lenses, one pair of yellow lenses, and one pair of gray lenses. The clear lenses are designed to protect your eyes from flying debris and wind. The gray lenses reduce glare and light intensity. The yellow lenses enhance contrast, making the scenery clearer.

The polycarbonate lenses have UV400 protection and are impact resistant and anti-glare. The black frames have a silicone sponge padding around the eyes to block dust and wind. Because this padding is vented, some debris may still get under the glasses.

These glasses are lightweight. The earpieces are tipped in rubber, keeping them firmly in place while you ride. They provide wide-angle viewing. This 3-piece set comes with a cloth carrying bag and cleaning cloth. Sizing can be an issue with any glasses ordered online. Be sure to check the temple and bridge width before ordering.


  • Three pairs for the price of one
  • Eye padding
  • Anti-glare and lightweight


  • Gaps in padding allow wind to enter
Most Affordable
Surpassme Set of 3 Moto Sunglasses
$12.99 ($4.33 / Count)

Polycarbonate lenses have UV400 protection and are impact resistant and anti-glare. Super affordable set of three.

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01/19/2022 12:02 am GMT

Tactical Pick: BELINOUS Polarized Moto Tactical Glasses

The BELINOUS Polarized Motorcycle Riding Glasses come with a set of four different interchangeable lenses. The polarized lens reduces glare. The clear lenses are transparent and work well in rainy and snowy conditions. The copper lenses are color filtering and anti-glare. The yellow lenses add light in low light situations.

All of the lenses have UV 400 protection. They filter UVA, UVB, UVC and blue light up to 400nm. The polycarbonate lenses are 1 / 6 mm thick and scratch-resistant.

The 5 mm foam air cushions around the eyepiece are made from hypoallergenic materials and protect your eyes from dust and wind. The frames are made with high-grade Switzerland TR-90 making them lightweight and durable. They have rubber ear padding for comfort. There are also vents at the hinges to prevent fogging.

The glasses are designed to be unisex. The glasses fit faces from 145 mm to 160 mm with the best fit for those that have higher noses. If you have a shorter nose, the nose pad may gap, reducing wind protection.

This frame and lens set comes with a hard portable EVA case, carrying pouch, detachable sport headband, and a microfiber cleaning cloth. BELINOUS provides an 18-month warranty against any manufacturing defects.


  • One frame, four sets of lenses
  • Hinge vents for fogging
  • 18-month warranty


  • May not fit all face shapes well
Best Tactical Glasses
BELINOUS Polarized Moto Tactical Glasses

Portable case and original gift box, including frame, 4 pairs of lenses, strap, pouch, and cleaning cloth. With an 18-month warranty.

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01/19/2022 12:02 am GMT

Best Wraparound Glasses: Verdster Airdam Moto Sunglasses

The Verdster Airdam Motorcycle Sunglasses for Men provide UV 400 protection from both UVA and UVB rays. The polarized lenses reduce glare and eyestrain. The lightweight frames are foam-padded. The wraparound design allows for an extended field of vision.

These glasses are packaged to be giftable. The Verdster Airdam Motorcycle Sunglasses come with a premium gift box, hard travel case, soft carrying pouch, carabiner, and cleaning cloth. Verdster Airdam provides a money-back warranty against manufacturing defects.

As with all glasses ordered online, look closely at the dimensions of the frame and lens width before ordering to be sure of a good fit. These glasses are not the best size for smaller faces.


  • Foam padding around the eyes
  • Included cases and accessories
  • Polarized lens


  • Not the best fit for small faces
Best Wraparound Glasses
Verdster Airdam Wraparound Moto Sunglasses

A padded frame that ensures comfort, broad view, and ultimate protection against sun & wind.

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01/19/2022 12:02 am GMT

Best Classic Glasses: EJ Photochromic Motorcycle Glasses

The First and Only True Classic Photochromic Motorcycle Glasses from EJ have polycarbonate frames with a universal fit and durable metal hinges. The photochromic lenses are 52 mm and darken when exposed directly to UV light. They will not change if you are behind another UV filtering screen like a windshield.

These are made in a classic glasses style. Therefore they do not have any padding around the eyepiece nor at the ear endpiece. They are large and may not fit small faces well. They also may not get as dark as a regular pair of sunglasses even when exposed to full light.


  • Large photochromic lenses
  • Polycarbonate lightweight frames
  • Durable metal hinges


  • Not a good fit for people with small faces
  • Not padded around the eyes
  • Don’t fully darken even in direct sunlight
Best Classic Glasses
Classic Photochromic Moto Glasses

These classic glasses adjust to UV exposure, so there's no need for multiple pairs.

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01/19/2022 07:55 am GMT

Best Interchangeable Lens Glasses: Aully Park Riding Glasses

The AULLY PARK Polarized Motorcycle Riding Glasses are polarized foam-padded glasses. The polycarbonate lenses provide UV400 protection against UVA and UVB rays and are scratch-resistant. This set comes with four types of interchangeable lenses. The neutral gray toned lenses are polarized. The copper lenses add contrast. The clear MLC lenses enhance vision in low-light situations. The cadmium yellow lenses increase contrast visibility and work well in dim light conditions.

The lightweight frames are matte black and have rubber ear pads. This set includes a sports headband, soft carrying pouch, cleaning cloth and a hard case. AULLY PARK provides a satisfaction guarantee with their produce. Because one size may not fit all face shapes, check the frame measurements before ordering.


  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Padding around the eyes
  • Included accessories


  • May not fit all face shapes well
Best Interchangeable Lens
Aully Park Riding Glasses with 4 Lens Kit

4 Interchangeable lenses: Polarized Lens - Neutral Gray; Non-polarized Lens - Clear MLC, Cadmium Yellow, Copper

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01/19/2022 08:35 am GMT

Best for Wind Blocking: WYND Blocker Riding Glasses

The WYND Blocker Motorcycle Riding Glasses have a lightweight plastic frame and plastic PC lenses. The non-polarized lenses are 65 mm wide and 50 mm in height. They are UV 400 treated and will block UVA and UVB rays. The lenses are also anti-scratch, impact-resistant, and shatterproof.

The foam liner around the eyepiece is removable with the touch of a button. They can be converted to goggles with the backstrap. The earpieces have rubber edging to keep them in place. These glasses come with a microfiber bag that can be used as a cleaning cloth and a backstrap. WYND Blocker provides a lifetime guarantee against defects.

The WYND Blocker Motorcycle Riding Glasses are available in either black or white frames and clear, yellow, or smoke lenses.


  • Removable foam liner
  • Easy conversion to goggles
  • Lightweight


  • Only one choice of lenses per frame
Best Wind Blocking
WYND Blocker Riding Glasses

Quick release button allowing easy transformation from glasses to goggles and a removable foam wind blocking liner makes these stand out.

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01/19/2022 06:04 am GMT

Buying Considerations

When shopping for the best motorcycle glasses, you should consider:

  • The type of driving you will be doing.
  • The type of lenses that work for you.
  • Lens material.

Your type of ride

If you are going for a short ride at high speeds, consider glasses that prevent the wind from swirling behind the lens. Dust and road debris can cause eye injury that can be avoided with the proper set of eyewear. High speeds also could cause the glasses to fly right off your face. Choose a pair that fit well with additional rubber padding on the earpieces to keep them in place. Goggles or glasses that attach to a head strap are other excellent options.

If you are driving in town, you should choose glasses that allow for air circulation behind the lenses to minimize fogging. You need to be able to see pedestrians, stoplights, and even the traffic police.

The type of lenses

Polarized lenses are the best type to reduce glare from windshields, wet roads, and sunlight. If you wear a full-face helmet, polarization might distort your vision.

Photochromic lenses darken when exposed to sunlight. Glasses with these types of lenses are more versatile in that they can be worn in bright sunlight and dimmer conditions. However, photochromic polycarbonate lenses do not get as dark as regular sunglasses.

Copper lenses provide the best contrast and clarity for most people, while gray lenses maintain color the best. Yellow lenses work better in low light conditions.

The lens material

Hitting a bug at 60 mph might not seem like a big deal, however, if your glasses shatter on impact, it will be. Make sure the lenses are polycarbonate if not Trivex, or SR-91. Polycarbonate is the standard lens material for most sports sunglasses. Trivex is the US military version of polycarbonate. It is stronger, lighter, and provides better visuals. SR-91 is polarized Trivex.

Recap: The Best Motorcycle Glasses

When we chose these glasses, we considered price, versatility, durability, and style. Once again, here are our top picks for the best motorcycle glasses.

Remember, when buying glasses, check the frame measurements carefully. While some models are designed to be flexible, others may not fit your face if the bridge or earpiece measurements are too large.

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